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Testimonials of Menace Family

Luna - I Love It!

Shipping was fast!

Fits me perfect! I love it!

Jessica Marich -

Yes! I luv it! Thank you!


I Simply Love it! It's Devilishly Sexy! Thank you! 

What Are People Saying?

Watch came pretty damn fast! Looks way better than on pictures 


Dude, I think my scared my wife with this Sh*t lol 

Definitely buying another tonight for my brother!


"Watch is tough! I love it!"

Lawrence R.

"I absolutely Love it! and Fits Great!" (Occult Styled Hoodie)

Jessica M.
Gothic Fashion

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We're the new Paradigm to Gothic Fashion both Men and Women!

See the beauty in the darkness.

Gothic Fashion & Skull Mania! | New Paradigm Of Satanic Clothing | Shoes | Sneakers | Heels for the Goth

We finally began tailoring more towards our lovely Gothic Ladies and brought out our new Fall Line Line as well as some Devilish Satanic Design Gear for the fellas! 

Make sure to make an outfit and take advantage of our

FREE Worldwide Shipping for orders $50+!